The pros and cons of barn weddings

Barn Weddings - The Pros and Cons

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What to expect with 

          Barn weddings

There's no doubt that barn weddings can look absolutely beautiful!

They are a popular choice for many couples planning their wedding.

I would like to talk about my experiences as a photographer at one of the unique types venues and give you the pros and cons of having a wedding in a barn!

let's dive in!

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Let's start with

          The Pros

Barns offer a casual, country setting with all the amenities of the best event venue.

    Often barns have a very neutral colour scheme meaning any colour you would like for your wedding would not look out of place!

They offer a beautiful, picturesque backdrop for your photos.

     Barns look so idylic and unique and offer so much character that both the inside and outside are the perfect location for all types of photos on your big day!

They are often very large spaces.

     Most barns are big in general and can often hold a large number of guests which is a great if you have a large party!

Everything can happen at one location.

     A lot of barns have the option of accomodation attached which is great if you do not want to travel back to a hotel at the end of the night. It also means your guests can stay too!


          The Cons...

Barns can be quite cold.

    If you are getting married in a particularly old barn in a colder month, you may find the it gets a bit cold.

They can be too hot.

     Just like they may get too cold in the colder months, it may get too hot during the summer months as barns are tricky to get the right temperature.

They don't let in much natural light.

     Most barns don't have a lot of natural light coming in which can make them dark. This matched with their usually tall ceilings can make it tricky for photographers and videographers on your big day.

Colour casting.

     This is quite a minor one and something you wouldn't know about if you aren't in the photography industry but a lot of barns have a yellow tint which can make your photos very warm toned but something any photographer can fix in post production.

bride and groom first kiss at the tithe barn wedding venue bedford