What to expect from me

What to expect

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What to expect from me

                      as your wedding photographer...

A hopeless romantic with an eye for detail

After you enquire, I typically reply within 48 hours. I will send you an email containing my brochure as well as a link to a questionnaire.

The onboarding questionnaire gives me an insight to the type of wedding that you're planning. It also helps prepare a quote incase you're needs are a bit different to the normal day.

After you've looked through my brochure and filled in your questionnaire:

So you've looked through my brochure and you're wanting to head to the next stage....

This is where we will schedule in a video/phone call to talk through your day in more detail, get to know each other bit better and start to put a brief timeline together for your day. It lasts usually around 20-30 minutes but don't worry, we get a longer call/in person meeting a few weeks before your big day to go through everything properly.

wedding flowers autumn floral arrangement the tithe barn wedding venue bedford

Before the big day:

You will receive a contract, invoice and questionnaire all through your online portal once you've confirmed you'd like to go ahead.

Leading up to your wedding, you will receive some emails from me with some useful hints and tips to help you along your wedding planning journey.

A few weeks before we will then have our meeting and before you know it... your big day will arrive!

Your big day is here!

So this is it! Your big day has arrived!

I will arrive at our pre-agreed time. For a full day this is usually 2.5-3 hours before the ceremony.

I will start photographing your details like jewellery, shoes, invitations and dress etc before I start snapping away at you and your party getting ready. 

As the day goes on I will generally be taking photos candidly without being too intrusive however there may be times where I may ask you to turn a certain way or offer a small bit of posing tips just to make sure your photos are captured in the best possible way which means sometimes moving towards light or adjusting yourself slightly however, I try not to do this as much as I can.

wedding dress hanging from a beam from Pure Couture Beaconsfield wedding at Offley Place
Offley Place wedding venue Hitchin ceremony set up

The Ceremony:

I will get to your venue with lots of time to spare and hope to get some photos of the venue/reception all set up before anyone arrives. 

I then start photographing people arriving and mingling.

Then it's time for the most important bit... THE CEREMONY!

I often move around a little bit during the procession in order to get you walking down the aisle as well as your significant other waiting for you to get the first look.

During the vows I move a little to get close ups of you as well as wider shots of your guests. I try to not be too distracting.

wedding venue bride and groom portraits at the tithe barn wedding venue bedford


After the ceremony and confetti, most couples do their group shots.

I recommend 10-12 groups which will take around 20 minutes to do. Once this is done it is then time for your portraits as a couple!


We will head off together to get those beautiful shots that all couples want.

This bit is quite informal. We will have a laugh and try to add as much movement as possible to allow you to relax and have your true smiles and laughs come out. In this part of the day I may give you a little direction or prompts just to make it a bit more fun and get the most out of you two being alone.

Candids and the rest of the day:

During the rest of the day I will be photographing everything and everyone as the day unfolds from people mingling to your speeches and first dance etc. I will be there to capture it all even when you think you haven't seen me for a while, I promise I'm still there!

Time to say goodbye:

At the end of the day, I will come and say goodbye and wish you all the best. I will then head home to back up all your photos!

Over the following 24-48 hours, I will edit a few of your portraits and send them to you as your sneak peeks so you can share them and announce your marriage!

After that I will be working hard on your photos over the following weeks and you should expect to have your gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding (although this can take a little longer in peak times)