What to expect at your engagement session

The Ultimate Guide:

Your Engagement Session

engaged couple laughing together on their engagement photography session Moor Park Rickmansworth

Photos you'll cherish forever

Are you thinking about your engagement session and getting filled with nerves and feel a bit intimidated?

It may be the first time you've been infront of a camera with a professional taking the photos.

You may be worrying about where it should be, what to wear, How to be prepared and how to not feel awkward.

Well I'm here to help!!

engaged couple laughing together on their engagement photography session Moor Park Rickmansworth

You probably have lots going through your head and I'm to answer all those questions and give you ideas! I've photographed many couples and coached them all through their engagement session experience and I'm going to share my tips and tricks with you!

I totally empathise with you way you're feeling because I've been there too! I've had to get infront of the camera many times and even had my own engagement session back in October 2023!

bride and groom walking through confetti on their wedding at Little Gaddensden church Wedding Photography

1. Work with your photographer

Your photographer will have lots of experience and practice perfecting the perfect confetti shot. So do listen to them! 

Before the big day arrives, sit down with your photographer and share your vision. While confetti shots traditionally occur after leaving the church, it's essential to verify if your venue has any restrictions. 

Your photographer can provide invaluable insights into the ideal location and setup for capturing those breath-taking shots. Whether you envision your guests forming a graceful horseshoe or walking through a whimsical tunnel of confetti, your photographer will guide you in bringing that picture and moment to life.

2. Select the perfect confetti

The choice of confetti can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your shot. 

Consider a variety of options, such as organic paper or natural petal confetti, especially if your venue imposes restrictions. 

Natural petals, like delicate delphiniums and vibrant wildflowers, lend an ethereal and romantic ambiance to the moment. 

For an added element of excitement, why not introduce confetti cannons? Just be sure to obtain clearance from your venue beforehand!

3. There's a way to throw!

Throwing confetti may seem straightforward, but there's an art to it. Encourage your guests to aim for an upward trajectory, allowing the confetti to gracefully cascade down upon you. 

Your photographer may wish to take the lead here and let guests know that there’s a way to shower you with confetti that creates that perfect shot.

This way you can avoid the less-than-ideal scenario of being bombarded with confetti directly in the face. 

4. Amp up the confetti supply

When it comes to confetti, more is more! Plan ahead and ensure you have an ample supply for all of your guests. 

Aim for a generous handful of confetti per attendee to ensure a lush, full-bodied effect in your photographs. And really if you want a good confetti shot, as far as I’m concerned go big or go home!

5. Maintain Poise and radiate joy

As the confetti rains down upon you, it's natural to feel overwhelmed by the flurry of activity. However, resist the urge to shy away and instead, embrace the moment with grace and poise. Keep your head held high, flash a radiant smile, and try not to scrunch up your face. Remember it’s going to look amazing. So relax and enjoy the moment

bride and groom walking through confetti on their wedding at The Tithe Barn Bedford Wedding photography

So go out there and embrace the magic of confetti photography! With careful planning, attention to detail, and a dash of creativity, you'll be able to create breath-taking images that will bring joy for years to come.